Sualsa A. S. was built as we know nowadays in 1983, althought our tradition in this sector goes back in last century´s 40 ´s . In this path our first target has been always meet customer needs. Adapting (us) to the different preferences and market developments thorough a continual improvement of our quality standards , both product and service.

Sualsa is clearly a reference in rugs and carpets in Spain, a company that has managed to maintain and enhace its prestige in textile manufacture thanks to how-know adquired by their human resources and entrepreneurship, what have allowed to have an own I + D + I staff allowing intensify its leadership year by year in different trends nd market areas ( traditional, vanguard, domestic (house- hold), professional, contract).

This arguments with an other important values as having a productive equipment productive equipment with next generation computing capabilities and a commercial network who looks after with care each of the geographical areas across the country, as well as any part of the world, gives us an exclusive hallmark.

The direct participation of our crew in all process of the production chain ( I + D + I , design, fibres laboratory, spinning, tinting process) next to strict quality controls provides our costumers a really guarantee.

Our plant, having more than 5000m2 are located in a subdivision of 7300m2.

The production equipment is outfitted with the last design technology, that allowed us to adapt the product to the different market needs.

But if there´s something about we feel proud is about our large and experienced staff who strives day by day to serve each and every customers demands.

On the other hand, we have a show room where all the products of our catalogue are shown.

All with a personal attention, advanced technology and extensive sales network, makes our company one of the leading in our country on the rug and carpet industry.